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A Vinyl Works has been installing quality Vinyl Liner Replacements for in-ground swimming pools in the Triangle area for over 36 years.

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Family owned and operated since 1988, A Vinyl Works is a premier business in the pool industry offering competitive pricing and exemplary customer service. Years of experience installing and replacing vinyl liners for in-ground swimming pools allows us to provide a highly specialized service that is second to none. The key to liner replacement is an accurate fit. Our attention to detail helps us ensure that our liners will last longer and fit better than the competition.

superior liners

A Vinyl Works utilizes true-fit liners that are manufactured under strict quality control procedures, ensuring an exact fit. We sell premium in-ground pool liners designed to withstand harsh environments. Each liner is manufactured with bleach resistant inks and UV inhibitors to protect against fading sun damage. Our liners are equipped with algae inhibitors which aid normal sanitizers to protect the liner for a long life and healthy swimming environment.

Superior liners and an accurate installation equal longevity. Each liner is custom fit for the exact dimensions of your pool and is made of quality 20 or 27 millimeter vinyl. Our installation process ensures the longevity of the liner and your swimming pool. Each liner comes with a 20 year prorated warranty from the manufacturer which is backed by our own 1-5 year full warranty.

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